Do you love the idea of being taken care of by a midwife in the comfort of your own home AND receive concurrent care with your obstetrician?  Are you on the fence about birthing at home but would like to stay there for as long as possible with a skilled midwife and then birth your baby in the hospital?  Have you risked out for homebirth due to complications with your pregnancy? Then Hybrid Midwifery might be for you!  

Prenatal Hybrid Midwifery Care builds on top of your regular OB appointments to include:

  • Hour long home visits 
  • Clinical assessment of both mother and baby
  • Specific lab tests and blood draws
  • Nutrition and exercise counseling
  • Pregnancy, birth and postpartum education and referrals
  • Birth plan
  • Essential hospital packing list

Home Labor Support 

Labor at home with ease!  I will be monitoring mother and baby during the time we are together at home.  This includes checking fetal heart tones, assessing blood pressure, temperature and pulse, as well as determining cervical dilation if you choose.  We will then decide together that it is time to make our way to the hospital for the birth.  I support you and your team under the care of your chosen OB and will remain by your side as your labor companion and advocate upon arrival at the hospital.  I stay an additional 1-2 hours post birth to help with transitioning, bonding and breastfeeding essentials.



Not everyone is ready for a homebirth, but everyone is ready for a midwife
— Hannah Weiss LM, CPM


Postpartum Midwifery Care is a true gift to yourself and your family.  Relax and bond with your new baby, while your midwife checks on your emotional well-being, health and overall postpartum recovery.

In home visits for baby include:

    • Weight checks
    • Latch & tongue tie assessments
    • Visual jaundice screening
    • Normal elimination patterns
    • Cord care
    • Vitals (temperature, normal heart rate and respiratory health)
    • Footprints

    In home visits for mother include:

    • Breast care & milk supply
    • Perineal & uterine healing
    • Vitals & lochia assessment
    • Nutritional support and rest patterns  
    • Postnatal exercises

    Our visits are also a time to process the birth, ask questions and make sure the transition to parenthood is running smoothly for the entire family.  Postpartum visits are scheduled at 24 hours in the hospital and again at 3 days, 1 week, 2 week, 4 week and 6 week, all in your home.  


    Midwifery Care is covered by most PPO plans!  Please contact Innovative Medical Billing to see if you qualify today.